DJ Referral Program

Thank you for your interest in Kar Jackers Entertainment Referral Program. Here you can earn $25-$50 for each booked DJ referral we receive. Our referral Program has been a GREAT OPPORTUNITY creating extra income for many, doing what everyone does consistently - TALK WITH PEOPLE! In today's economy, HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT!

Here's how it works.

When you refer us to anyone you know or speak to that is planning a wedding, event or party, that would require the services of a DJ or entertainment we provide; you will receive $50 cash for each booked wedding and $25 for all other booked events. When we receive a referral from you, we will contact your referred customer. Once we receive the deposit at the time of booking we will contact you and pay you cash! Our DJ referral program is an excellent way to generate extra cash. The more events referred to us the more cash in your pocket. 

Now tell me that's not cool! 

DJ referral form